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We see the world running on subscriptions. More and more services are moving towards a recurring, rent instead of buy, use what you need model, and we call it the Subscription Economy. Whether it be a media subscription like Netflix, Spotify, or Twitch; a food or service subscription like Blue Apron or Lyft; a monthly utility like your power company or ISP, or even things like insurance or a car subscription, WalletFi is your home for managing the subscription lifestyle.
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We believe in the power of community banks: they play a critical role in the financial health of their cities and towns, by offering a healthy balance to ‘big banks’ and more accessibility to lower-income and diverse populations. Read our full story here.
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You can choose to integrate WalletFi by implementing our RESTful API, or you can utilize the UI that we have built and tested through our containerized Progressive Web App.
Our PWA can be implemented in 2-3 months, depending on customizations. We can set up a new API customer in a matter of weeks.
We support an ever-growing list of merchants and have different levels of integration with each. Contact us to receive our most up-to-date list.

If you want your company to be included in our merchant integration list to protect the customers you’ve worked so hard to acquire, please contact our product team.
Like WiFi for your wallet, just speak it as you would. No need to say the "F" & "I".

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